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Rat or Mouse Problem?
Our product the "Original
Ratzapper" was used all over
the world...killing mice and
rats on contact solving rodent,
mice and rat problems
Now Upgraded to
Raticator Plus & MAX
Hundreds of Testimonials
How our product easily eliminates
mouse and rat problems.
Use by business and home owners.
Nothing kills mice and rats faster,
cleaner or safer.
Questions? Call 1 855 410 8797
Often, folks ask - "how do you test the Raticator to see if its

Or stores we sell to, don't know how to "test them", when a
customer says it isn't working....

This short "Spark Test" will show you exactly how to test it.
If you see the spark (or hear it) you've got a live working unit.

If you should have any questions, call us during business
hours 1 855 410 8797