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1. Does the Raticator & Your two
step method really work?

It’s our most frequently asked question
and we’re proud to say, emphatically, yes!
Our Raticator humanely kill rats AND
mice, and work more effectively than
any standard mouse trap or rat trap.

The steel wool simply plugs up some
of their routes.

So, logically if you kill them fast and
slow their movement (around your home
or business) you are winning the war!

2. Is Raticator guaranteed to work?
You bet! Try the Raticator in your home or
business and experience for yourself the
freedom from inhumane poisons, snap and
glue-type mouse traps and rat traps. If you
are not completely satisfied with the
Raticator within 30 days, please call us
toll-free at 1-855 410 8797 and talk to one of
our specialists.

Most issues can be resolved by email or
over the phone.
We also offer a one year parts and labor
warranty, again with proof of purchase.

You have nothing to lose…
except your rat and rodent problem!

3. Is Raticator simple to use?
Absolutely! Just bait with ordinary,
dry pet food or other dry bait. The
high-tech system senses the rodent’s p
resence and delivers enough electrical
energy to quickly and humanely send
him to the Great Cheese Ball in the sky.

4. What’s the difference between the
Raticator Plus and Raticator MAX?
The MAX has a dramatically new Infrared
Sensing System along with a newly
designed delivery system providing the
customer with a 100% humane kill rate
combined with approximately 1 year
battery life. (utilizes 4 “D” batteries)

The Raticator Plus utilizes a traditional
sensing circuit coupled with improved 6
months battery life ( utilizes 4 “AA”

5. Why is the Raticator better than
any other rodent control?
It isn't just a tad better, it much more
superior ..heres why:

• Poisons: Poisoned rodents become
disoriented and take up to 10 days to die,
during which time they hemmoragh
usually in some remote part of your home
but sometimes in view of other animals;
either your pets or birds outside making
them victims of the poison if they touch the
dead rodent - its an environmental

Raticator lets you kill rats without
poison while keeping your pets safe.

• Snap MouseTraps/Rat Traps: Bloody,
gory, inhumane and often ineffective.
A mouse trap won’t work on a rat and a rat
trap won’t work on a mouse.
The Raticator works on both. The worst
problem you can have is when you have a
got rodent not dead yet!

• Glue Boards: Inhumane, and ineffective
with rats.

6. The Raticator Saves You Money!
Our Raticators are the Power Tool
For Rodent Control™.
They’re reusable and designed to last!

7. Don't be fooled by knock off's. We are
the exclusive distributor in Canada and
cover All Warranty Issues for products we
sell and that sell under our umbrella.

Rat Problem FAQ's, Our Contact Info &
Some Neat Testimonies (down the side)
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Take Your Home Back!
Raticator and Steel Wool
I have tried many different methods for getting rid of mice. The
spring traps I had been buying were of poor quality and not
effective. Finally, someone recommended the Rat Zapper to me.
It works perfectly. I bait it with one Reeses Pieces cut in half and
it does the job. I turn it on before I go to bed and in the morning,
the red light is blinking. It's the easiest, cleanest, most effective
method I've ever used!

Philip, New York, NY


Awesome product. It works, works, works! I catch chipmunks
with no bait. They are so curious that they just go in the Rat
Zapper to check it out and then ZAP! I've seen them go in while
I'm standing 10 feet away. Worked perfectly on the mice in the
attic, too. A little peanut butter on a saltine and, well you
guessed it. Two mice in 24 hours. No mess. Couldn't be easier
to setup. Reclaim your home. Get the Rat Zapper and get peace
of mind.

Happy Zapper


I purchased my RAT ZAPPER yesterday. I set it up that evening. I
woke up in the middle of the night to find a blinking red light on
the zapper. Sure enough, there was a deader than dead mouse.
Woke up to get some water a couple hours later and to my
surprise the light was blinking again! After waking up and
walking my dog, I noticed that there was a third catch! I am
extremely impressed with this unit. I had no idea it would
perform so wonderfully. I think this product far exceeds poison
and glue traps. Especially in that it kills the rodents for you so all
you have to do is dispose of it and reset your Zapper. Best
product if you have a mouse or rat problem...

Donte Pollins


I never realized how great my fear of rodents was until I spotted
one scurrying around my small New York studio apartment. For
over a month and a half, I used traditional mouse traps, baited
sticky boards, mice cubes - nothing worked. After spotting the
freaky little thing one afternoon ON TOP OF MY KITCHEN COUNTER,
I was at my wits end. I purchased the rat zapper and within 24
hours my unwanted roommate was caught! Thank you so much
for this product! Because of it, I have my life back.

Jessica The Ratslayer

More Testimonies - Because Our Method For Getting Rid Of Rats

A friend loaned me her Rat Zapper Ultra last winter and we
caught 10 mice in total. I was very impressed with how well it
worked to get rid of the mice.

This winter, same problem. I finally purchased one and was both
disgusted and thrilled to have caught a total of 12 in the first two
days. The last mouse was caught on day three. The mice have
officially been eradicated.

I cannot sing the praises of the Rat Zapper enough. I have told
many friends and neighbors about it. This is the best thing
around to get rid of your critters. For anyone who is considering
purchasing one, I say BUY IT!

Sue, CT

We have been invaded by mice and my best efforts did nothing
to repel their assault. I saw your product mentioned in an article
about mouse control, and I decided to give it a chance. Before I
purchased your product, I was using glue traps, which forced
me to take the poor little things outside and drop a rock on
them. I'd only captured three with that method. When the rat
zapper arrived, I deployed it next to the stove and used maple
syrup as bait. I caught four mice in one day, and five altogether
so far. I plan to purchase several more rat zappers, and regain
control of my house. It is rare to find a product that works
exactly as advertised. My compliments and thanks for such an
effective weapon against mice.

Thanks again!

Michael-Haynesville, Maine
Note: Mention in the following testimonies of Ratzapper is
our original product, now upgraded to the Raticator. So
the testimonies and ideas are still the same - just your job
now will be even that much more easier!
Fortunately, there isn’t much that
can go wrong with a Raticator.
However, when you need help,
the following links will solve most


As the temperatures drop, cold
related battery issues climb.
Although you can use our device
anywhere, and in any condition
that you would use your battery
operated boom box, iPod or
transistor radio, please be aware
that the cold effects the power
output of a battery so the
batteries could be brand new (test
and work just fine in warmer
environment) but still not be able
to deliver the punch needed for
the Raticator to do it’s job. Many
customers work around it by
keeping the unit warmed during
the day and arming it in the
evening when rodents are likely
to be more active.

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1271 Gorham street
Unit 10
Newmarket ON
L3Y 8Y7
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