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You only need 2 items,
(and in some cases 3) to
eliminate all rat, mouse,
and rodent problems

Rat or Mouse Problem?
Our product the "Original
Ratzapper" was used all over
the world...killing mice and
rats on contact solving rodent,
mice and rat problems
Now Upgraded to
Raticator Plus & MAX
How our product easily eliminates
mouse and rat problems.
Use by business and home owners.
Nothing kills mice and rats faster,
cleaner or safer.
Introducing the Raticator! and Raticator Max!
AND the Amazing Rodent Tracker too!

We solve rat and mouse problems and quite frankly; we are good at it!

Simply the Raticator kills on contact (nothing else on the market does), and there is absolutely
no blood, and no mess. In fact it is actually fast and easy! We've sold them to the military too!
You will wonder why you never had one before? Running on batteries, you can use them
anywhere - but any rat, mouse, squirrel or rodent entering in the Raticator - is dead - instantly!

The Raticator comes in 2 sizes which are the Raticator Plus and the Raticator MAX (bigger one).

We also sell the amazing Rodent Tracker. It uses 'CSI' type tracking dust and it simply shows
you with a UV flashlight (we provide) exactly where the rodents are coming in from!
The UV flashlight shows the 'tracking dust' leaving their footprints - right to their hole.

Now you can find how they are getting in, with the Rodent Tracker. And then kill them real fast,
with the Raticator! You can purchase them individually here, or together (for a further discount).

We've heard all the stories,
and we say rats and mice
get into your house but then
they get into your head!

We solve the stress and
let's put the Raticator to
work taking care of the
problem - all rodent
Ready To Order
Online through Paypal,
or Phone
1 855 410 8797
The Ratzapper is GONE & Upgraded to:
The Raticator Plus and Raticator Max!
Raticator Plus
USA made not
off-shore like
many others.
Raticator Max
with Infrared
USA made not
off-shore like many
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Get Rid Of Your Rat & Mouse Problem
Questions? CALL: 1 855 410 8797
Rats or Mice getting into
your home or business?

Are rats and mice causing such
a problem that you can hardly
think? Or go about doing your
normal work?
We, for sure, have the solution
to your rat and mouse problem!

Tons Of Testimonies, of others that had the
same problems as you but are now
victorious over rats and mice!

Note: most of the testimonies are for our
older Ratzapper product, the newer
Raticator is new for 2013 with tons of
upgrades - but the same price!

As you read here, you will solve your Rat
Problems and we will easily show you how.
And you will do your own pest control and
better too!

Three Products will Solve Your Rat,
mouse or rodent problems.

And they are:

The Raticator and Rodent Tracker and
Steel Wool!

However if you get steel wool (or copper
mesh works real well too) and the Raticator
as well as the Rodent Tracker (which
simply tracks the rats and mice back to
their holes. So you know where they are
coming from!)
That is a triple threat to

The Roden
t Tracker will find their holes
(you plug them adding steel wool as well).
And the Raticator will kill them FAST! (no
more problem!)

You have a
1-2-3 punch that is
GUARANTEED to solve your rat, mouse,
squirrel or chipmunk problems for good!
You Will Get Results - That Is Why We Get So
Many Testimonials!

From NBC to the Wall Street Journal Our
Products and Methods for getting rid of rat
problems is very successful .

You will find out here, how we get rid of
(actually how fast we kill them)

So, here is what both the "Pro's" are saying
and what the average home owner/ business
owner is saying about how good our methods
are in getting rid of rat problems. (just like

"... compared the Rat Zapper to other methods
of rodent elimination finding the Rat Zapper
superior in performance... the Rat Zapper is
also more humane than other methods of
rodent control"

Jeff Ball
Horticultural Advisor
NBC's Today Show

Keep in mind the Ratzapper has been upgraded to the
Raticator...for even greater results!
Yes, what does Larry Hagman
say about it?

We know "who shot J.R." but
what does Larry Hagman (yes,
the Larry Hagman who played
J.R. Ewing in Dallas) use to
get rid of his own Rat Problem
on his ranch?

July 16, 1999

Dear Scott,

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Rat
Zapper. Ever since the El Nino rains set in two
years ago, the rodent population in the hills
surrounding my home has drastically increased. The
evidence comes in the form of chewed out wires in
our cars and pool equipment electrical wiring. Rats
can do a lot of damage. We've spent thousands of
dollars on repairs.

Also, we are subject to power outages rather
frequently here in Ojai, so we have an electrical
generator we use from time to time. One time the
power went out and the darn rats figured out exactly
which wires they needed to gnaw through to cripple
our generator, which left us completely in the dark
that night!

We hated the idea of using poison because of the
other pets and animals that live in the hills
surrounding our home. We purchased some
"industrial strength" ultrasound devices to keep the
rodents away from the cars, but they had no effect
on the rodent population.

When we heard about the Rat Zapper and you
described the technology, we were impressed, but
skeptical. We wondered why nobody had come up
with anything like this before if it was such a good
idea. Well, the proof was in the pudding. The Rat
Zappers eliminated dozens of mice and rats in the
first 30 days. Our grounds' crew also used the
remote monitoring system with monitor panel and
radio transmitters to ensure that the Rat Zappers
they placed around our home were emptied in a
timely manner.

Since we received our Rat Zappers, we have had
no more black outs and no more car wiring repairs
due to rodents. We are going to continue to use the
Rat Zappers to keep a check on the rodent
population. Thank you AgriZap for finally coming up
with the better mouse trap.


Larry Hagman

Raticator & Rodent Tracker Sold Here
Solutions? YES! ...Our Products & some steel wool.
Our experts having been solving rat and mouse
problems for years.

First with the predecessor, the Ratzapper and
now with the Upgrade Newer "Raticator" either
'Plus' or 'Max'. As well as the "Rodent Tracker"
(if you need it to find where, the rodents are
coming in).
Call Toll Free
(USA or
Talk To A Rodent
CALL 1 855 410 8797 USA OR CANADA
Outside area call
1 416 410 8797
or skype:

Rodents (rats, mice, squirrels) cause
both mental (emotional) damage and physical
damage (as they chew their way through your
wires and walls into your life)...causing all
kinds of problems!

The saying goes, that;
" they (mouse, rats)
get into your homes and then into your head!"
- Eric Partanen

And they are everywhere, not exclusively to
just any particular ethinic group or social

Brilliant Product!

Waterfront house, loads of rat droppings every night.
Traps and poison out of the question due to our
puppies. Nice if the puppies hunted rats but... guess
Bought RapZapper Ultra. Caught ten big rats in two
weeks. No mess, no fuss.
Here's the problem - I think the rats are gone but left
RapZapper on sentinel duty. Now it's killing roaches.
Neat trick but who want to move the fridge every time it
kills a roach? Any ideas??

Colin, Bermuda

Please note: this testimony is for the original
Ratzapper, now we have the newer Raticator
(which is new for 2012).

We have tons of testimonies!

A few good

1) Rats & Mice
are more
afraid of you,
then you are
of them.
2) They are
generally easy
to hear but
hard to see.
3) If you see
one, you have
many more than
one to deal
Raticator and
Steel Wool
will solve all
your rodent
Some of our Bigger Testimonies...
Only 2 Items (possibly 3)
Needed To Win Your Rodent War!

We give you 2 steps (actually its 2 items and
in some cases 3 items) needed to get rid of
rats and mice easily.

One of the items you most likely already have!

But there are a few other things you can take
note of, to further assist you.

So that you can "Do Your Own Pest Control!"

Extra Little Points To Help You Solve A Rodent

First off, it would help, to keep all your food
tightly sealed in a metal or heavy thick
plastic container or bin.

Metal is preferable.

If you see any food boxes, like cereal boxes,
or baking goods, that are opened from a hole or
it looks chewed.
Throw the food out right away!

Keep your fruits also refrigerated or

Keep your food well sealed. Don't encourage
them to dine in any longer - in your home.

If you have pets, we recommend to keep pet food
from being left open. Some people keep dog or
cat food in a dish all day. This is a very big
temptation to rats & not too good for you or
healthy for your pets if they share their bowl
with rats.

You probably wont even see them do it!

We know it can seem like some extra work for
you, but the alternative is far worse! Keep the
pet food stored in a metal or plastic container
and take it out only when feeding your pet.

Sweep up and vacuum crumbs as best as you can
then follow our 2 (possibly 3) steps and you
will be victorious over the rat or mouse
problem you now have. We have thousands of
happy customers who have gained freedom and
peace back in their home or office.

Find out what so many others have already found
. So you can do your own Pest Control and Solve
Your Rodent Problems Once and For All.

For more on the Solution To A Rat or Mouse
Problem click the BIG LINK "Solultions Here"

Read on and we will teach it
all to you, for free!
You Will Solve The Problem
Rats, Mice, Rodents
will be no more...
Call Toll Free 1 855 410 8797
Or Local 416 410 8797 or
Skype ezeric1 (when available)
And get your HOME back!
Raticator takes the fear
away! Easy to use and
always works!
New Chat Text Box For Customer Support,
See On Your Bottom Right Of Your Screen
When you can't find them...
The Rodent Tracker will!
Rodent Tracker.
Rats or Mice go in
and take the wool
that they use for
'nesting'. What
they don't know...
... is that it is covered with
police type tracking dust.
Then when you shine your
UV flashlight - you track
them right to their hole!
(which you fill).
Purchase Raticator & Rodent
Tracker Together & SAVE!
> No Dangerous Spring Traps
> No Deadly Poisons
> No Blood, No Guts, NO MESS - and its fast!
It often works so
fast...that many
customers get a
kill in the first 24
hours! That is
our experience.

Mouse & Rat Problem - SOLVED!
Newest In Rat Problem and
Mouse Problem elimination.
With Manufacturers Warranty please see the UP-dated Raticator go to
and you can order the newest online or call us - this website will be slowly updated as it in is current
form is out-dated.

Our products are the original USA made Raticators and RodentTrackers.
These are not the inferior off shore ones, like so many others.
Ours carries a full
USA or Canadian Warranty.
We also carry out & teach, the "Spark Test" as well as "Cleaning Process" for Raticator
Both Raticator Plus and Raticator Max sold here. (don't settle for less)
You also get full customer support via our toll free number
- sorry we don't solve problems nor do warranty work, if you are not using our products.
This Website Is Being UpGraded (its out-of-date) questions or to order call us